Science enthusiasts would surely enjoy a trip to the Science Museum, when they get London apartments for rent. Prepare to be amazed when you venture here as you discover numerous floors crammed with the most interesting objects. Prior to making your journey though, it would help for you to learn about what you can expect to see and pay for an afternoon in the Science Museum.

About The Science Museum

London’s Science Museum is based on Exhibition Road in South Kensington. This is just one of three very well-known and popular museums in the city. As a big tourist attraction, the Science Museum can get crowded at times, but weekday visits are generally quieter. The museum was founded in the year 1857 and some of the first pieces to enter the doors and be placed on display came from the Royal Society of Arts and the South Kensington Museum. More than 300,000 items can now be viewed here, making it sensible to have a lift indoors that can take you from floor to floor. As you step into the front doors of this museum after leaving your London apartments for rent, you will automatically be amazed by the outstanding display of artifacts and the sheer size of the building.

Things You Can See Here

Due to there being over 300,000 items here at the Science Museum, it would help to pick up a leaflet as soon as you enter the doors. This will help you to discover everything the museum has to offer. Another way to make the most of your visit would be to join in with one of the many tours that take place here. You can look at a Hexen 2.0 exhibition here, which displays social and physical sciences. Some of the most interesting events to look at in the museum are the IMAX cinema, Hidden Heroes and the assortment of objects that are brought to life. More than 4,000 medical objects are in the collection at the Science Museum, as well as other things to discover such as DNA constructions, the history of flight, the science of aliens and the science of survival. Take your time when you come here after moving into London apartments for rent, to ensure you view everything the museum has to offer.

Visiting & Prices

Once you decide that you want to take a trip to the Science museum with your family or friends, you should pick a time that suits you. Opening hours are 10pm – 6pm everyday throughout the year except December 24th – 26th. The best thing about the Science Museum is that entry is free of charge, but you can indulge in some delicious foods at the indoor restaurant when you move into London apartments for rent.

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