Living in London means that you have the chance to soak up the culture and learn about the city history in one of the many museums. A museum that really catches the attention of people who have recently relocated is the National Maritime Museum. This museum is ideal for people who show an interest in oceans and seafaring. With frequent exhibitions taking place and a vast collection to view, you must take a trip to the National Maritime Museum when here.

About The Museum

Most people living in London will take some time out on a weekday or weekend to learn about everything the National Maritime Museum has to offer. This museum, which is one of many in the city, officially opened in the year 1937 by King George VI. More than 2 million objects can be viewed here and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich is incorporated with the National Maritime Museum. Sea and navigation artifacts can be discovered here, with a large collection of maritime books available too in the indoor library. Guests can view things such as manuscripts, public records, ship models, cartography and many more. If you decide to take a trip here while living in London you are sure to return to your new apartment with a good understanding of how political and social maritime history has molded today’s society.

Opening Times & Prices

Bear in mind that the National Maritime Museum can get busy on holidays, so if you are living in London you may want to plan a trip in advance. Admission is free, therefore should you be aiming to take the whole family out without breaking the bank, the National Maritime Museum is a cost-effective option. You are able to visit this museum from 10.00am – 5.00pm every day of the week. You can visit the official website for more information on exhibitions and it is worth doing this if you want to make the most of your adventure when living in London.


The National Maritime Museum can be found in Greenwich, which is an area that can be accessed via bus or tube. More than 2 million people visit here annually and if you are hoping to have a relaxing walk after a stroll around the museum, you can do so on the expansive green grounds that surround the museum. London bus routes 129, 177, 180, 188, 286 and 386 all have links to this destination. Conversely, take a river service to the museum, stopping at Greenwich Pier.

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