As the capital city of the United Kingdom, living in London is nothing short of interesting. No matter how long you reside here, you are sure to discover something new everywhere you go. This city is flourishing with artists, designers, photographers and theatrical individuals, making it one of the most diverse in the world. Aside from the interesting people, living in London enables you to sightsee in various locations, including North London.

Kenwood House

If you are living in London near Hampstead, you should take a trip to Kenwood House. Kenwood House was built in the early 17th century and since this time it has been a major sightseeing attraction for worldwide visitors. This formerly state home is managed by the English Heritage and a beautiful orangery accompanies the building itself. Stretched out on lush green grounds, Kenwood House has even been featured in the well-known film, Notting Hill. A collection of paintings can be found and viewed here by the talented Lord Iveagh, who had the house donated to him, shortly before his death in 1927. Some paintings you can uncover while here include The Guitar Player, Pieter van den Broecke and Hunting in the Olden Times.

Young Actors Theatre

Set in the heart of Islington, the Young Actors Theatre is a perfect visit for anyone. Children and young adults can visit the Young Actors Theatre to practice their skills and due to the theatre being a non-profit organization, those who contribute do it purely for passion. Classes take place here and are generally categorized between ages, which are 6-11 year-olds, 11-16 year-olds and adults who are aged 16 and over. Andrew Harries, an artistic director, is the current owner of this theatre and he runs it regularly. If you are hoping to socialize and make friends or learn new acting skills while living in London, you must definitely visit the Young Actors Theatre.

Hawk & Owls Trust National Centre

Founded in the year 1969, the Hawk & Owls Trust National Centre is easy to access. The Hawk & Owls Trust National Centre conserves many types of bird of prey and different owls. Should you be relocating with your family, this is the ideal place to take children. Not only can you look at the beautiful birds, but you can learn plenty about them too. Lots of research takes place here and if you are interested you can also organize an educated tour of the place or alternatively an outreach project when living in London.

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