If you have recently settled in after moving to London, you will probably be looking for some respite from the hustle and bustle of city living and will want to get out of your London flat and explore some of the parks and green areas that London has. This city is one of the greenest in the world and Londoners are all outside at the first hint of sun. Walking, lazing under a tree, horse riding and sports are just some of the activities that you can find in the numerous parks and green belts that the city has to offer.

Regents Park

This is a park that is seriously devoted to sports and has some of the best sporting facilities in London. This is a large area of land, spanning 166 hectares and it contains a lake as well as some of the most interesting walks and nature activities. Once owned by King Henry VIII as a space for hunting, it was later landscaped into a spectacular garden with houses and country villas, creating some country style living right in the middle of the city.

Today, the park is devoted to nature and recreation. It is the home of the London Zoo and has a number of nature walks where it is possible to see different types of nature right in the heart of the city. It is also the home to a number of excellent restaurants and cosmopolitan eateries, which are frequented by thousands of people during the summer months, when the sun only sets after 10 pm each night. There are musical concerts on most weekends during the summer and the lake has boats for hire, which are perfect for the long summer afternoons. The open-air theatre produces spectacular shows throughout spring and into summer and is the home of the only outdoor professional theatre company in eth United Kingdom.

As only the English can do, the park is maintained and kept verdant by hordes of volunteers that range from celebrities, to recognised scientists, to classes of schoolchildren who are all dedicated to keeping the area green and promoting a culture of science and nature working together. The Botanical Gardens that have been laid out in Regents Park are some of the most spectacular in England and are well worth a visit.

Londoners takes their outdoor time seriously, and the amount of parks is testament to the amount of time that Londoner spend outdoors, especially in the summer months when the blazing heat drives people out their homes and offices to look for a shady patch of grass to while away a few hours. Whether you are looking for some fun in the sun or just a spot that you can call your own in this busy city, you will find one at Regents Park.

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