After you find a flat in London, there will be a time when you want to sightsee around the city. Sightseeing in London is recommended for anyone living there and you will find a multitude of places to go, catering to all ages and personalities. The British Museum is situated in the heart of London, enabling those who find a flat in London to revel in the history of this unique destination, and those who shaped the way it is today.

History Of The British Museum

The British Museum really should be visited when you find a flat. Established in the year 1753, The British Museum is present in the list of the best museums in the world. The public first had a taste of this landmark in the year 1759 and since this time, visitors have flocked to the location to learn about human culture. In the years 2007 and 2008, an estimated 6 million people stepped through the doors of the museum, proving its popularity has not deceased. Sir Hans Sloane is the founder of the museum and his name is remembered today, not only for being a naturalist and physician, but for constructing one of the most memorable places to venture to when you find a flat.

Discover Culture & Art

Anyone that ventures here when they find a flat will be faced with a multitude of artistic creations and sculptures, all of which have become memorable in history. Animal sculptures are a favorite for visitors here and some favored ones are the ‘Mummy of a cat’ and the ‘Carved jade terrapin’. A Japanese collection can be viewed in The British Museum, as well as sections dedicated to bestsellers, art masters, food & drink, Olympics and landscapes & flowers. View an online brochure before visiting here when you find a flat in London, to give you a better understanding of every piece you view on your journey.

Visiting This Sightseeing Landmark

If you are thinking about taking a trip to The British Museum when you find a flat, whether it is with family or friends, you should plan your visit in advance. The museum can become very busy all year round, so avoid crowded days by visiting the official website and planning a ‘family’ day. You will not be asked to pay a fee to enter the museum and you can choose to learn about history every day of the week. You will often find exhibitions are active when you take a trip to the museum.

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