A misconception about getting apartments for rent in Londonis that there will be no natural landscape to venture to when the city atmosphere gets all too much. Despite London being known for its hustle and bustle and similarities to a ‘concrete jungle’, this diverse city still boasts some of the most beautiful parks in the whole of the United Kingdom. Here is a list of three different parks you can visit after getting apartments for rent in London.

Bushy Park

Bushy Park is situated north of Hampton Court and it is visited by thousands of people every day, including those who invest in apartments for rent. This settlement has been present for a staggering 4,000 years and some intriguing artifacts have been collected from the location. These include Bronze Age pieces which can be found in the British Museum. Henry VIII is a well-known figure of the past that spent some of his time here and while the World Wars took place, Bushy Park was made use of on a regular basis. If you are a fan of the late Princess Diana, then a trip here would be unforgettable as you wander down Chestnut Avenue, an astounding and perfectly decorated walkway with chestnut trees nestled alongside. Riding and fishing are just some activities people choose to indulge in when they visit Bushy Park after investing in apartments for rent.

Cannizaro Park

The second of the many great parks you can find when getting apartments for rent in London is Cannizaro Park, which is Grade II listed. Here, you can explore over 34 acres of land with bright shades of red, yellow and orange flowers enveloping the area. The Wimbledon Common can be found near Cannizaro Park and many tourists and residents choose to explore both grounds on their visit. During the summer, a trip to Cannizaro Park will offer you the chance to be involved with jazz festivals, incorporating music and comedy. Nearby, your day can continue as you wander to Maple Garden, Keir Garden, Lady Jane’s Wood and the Water Garden, before making your way to apartments for rent.

Greenwich Park

Finally, there is Greenwich Park, which you really should not miss when you move into your apartment. This area is very famous and is linked with space and time, due to the large area it covers, which is 183 acres in total. If you manage to walk to the top of the hill in Greenwich Park, you should brace yourself for the picture-perfect views of the skyline and the River Thames. With trees planted since the 1600s, Greenwich Park allows its visitors to get involved with the history of this spectacular city while residing in apartments for rent.


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