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It’s not all about relocating to London on our blog. With the recent changes to our website and increased services that we provide, we decided to make our blog a true reflection of our mission, ethos and focus at London Relocation. Our blogs are more personal and informative – just like our service. Today, Erin Fromm, our dedicated Aftercare Specialist writes about planning her wedding day in London and some of the things that are different (and even better!) when you’re an expat living in London.

A perfect ending to the year and a fresh start for the New Year!

I never thought I would be having a winter wedding. I had always imagined myself getting married in late spring when all the beautiful flowers are in blossom and the temperature is warm enough to take outside wedding photos. But it was a spur of the moment decision with only one month to plan everything!

Where to get Married ?

My partner and I started thinking about places we would like to get married. Our first thought was the south of France, secondly was Lake Como, Italy but after doing some researchon the  website we learnt that it would take up to 2 to 3 weeks to apply for several documents just to get permission and to pass the criteria to get married in those countries; we only had a few weeks!

After searching the internet once again (Go Google!) we finally came to a decision. Why not get married in the same place that brought us two together?  London!

The Advice guide on the Citizens Advice Bureau was also another website that had useful information and answers on how to get married in England.

According to where we are currently living we had to register for marriage in the Westminster City Council. You need to do this no later than 16 days prior to the wedding date.  Fortunately we made it just in time to book a ceremony date for mid-December in the registry office itself. That was most of the planning done right there.

Here comes the fun part, or so I thought.  Wedding dress shopping! I wasn’t too concerned on finding a dress that was too fancy. I wanted something simple to go with our simple ceremony. After all it’s only my partner and I, plus two witnesses and it being winter, you can only imagine how hard it was to find a basic white cocktail dress. White is not in season this year in London, ladies! I took my chances and ordered a dress online and lucky me… It fit perfectly.  Dress – check!

After the ceremony we invited all our friends for post wedding dinner and drinks. We chose the very same place my partner introduced me to all his friends for the first time. The Champion located in Notting Hill. What I like about this English pub is that it’s charming, has great food and friendly staff and it’s near the Central line, a quick and easy meet for everyone coming from all areas of London.

Having a simple London wedding was the best decision we ever made. Everything went smoothly and was stress free. The ceremony itself was relaxed and very intimate. I wasn’t surprised when it came down to reciting our vows I instantly burst into tears.  A small civil ceremony was definitely the right choice.

That evening, having all our friends, family and colleagues come to the pub to support us on our wedding day showed us how loved and lucky we are in life. It turned out to be much more than we expected. Everyone was there to have a good laugh and just to enjoy life itself.




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