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Here’s how to stay warm-n-cozy:

Sip some creamy egg nog at a local pub –  I do realize people have a love/hate relationship with the nog, however, so a belly-warming alternative is mulled wine or some classic Christmas ales.  I drank my first hot toddy ever, so if you’re keen on staying in and curling up to It’s a Wonderful Life, here’s a recipe for stirring your own mystical holiday concoction that can also be used to treat a cold (!):

If the cooler temps are drawing into you hibernation mode, your holiday movie-viewing or book-reading will be aesthetically complemented by a roaring fireplace.  As your London flat may not be equipped with one, never fear.  I never really noticed these in the States, but electric and wall-mounted fires seem quite popular here given the vast creativity in making the most with less space – Homebase offers an assortment here:

If you’re stepping out, though, and need to thwart the elements to check off those final Christmas gifts on your list, duck into the warmth of any of assorted shops along the decked-out Oxford and Regent Streets.  Street Sensation is a helpful website for plotting your shopping strategy in advance of venturing outside:

Battling the cold shouldn’t be all work and no play.  Make it really worth your while and take in a show at a West End Theatre or check out the New End in North London (Hampstead) for “The Great American Seasonal Songbook”:

And of course, you need a comforting, heated home to return to, so leave finding one of those to the experts–us!!!  London Relocation Ltd. wishes you the happiest of holidays and a shiny new year!

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