Author: Colleen

Sending a hearty thanks to one of our prospective clients, Martha, for giving us the head’s up on NFT (“Not For Tourists”) travel guides!

Not For Tourists is a trove of local  information for those who want to experience a city like the locals do, not the tourists.  It is available for several major cities around the globe, and, why yes, London is one of them!  It is of course all part of the fun to be a tourist now and then in one’s own city, even if you’ve lived there your entire life, yet if you’re like most of our clients, you are relocating to London for the purpose of work or school–this means you will have a real, everyday life to sustain in addition to sight-seeing, so it’s useful to have a resource like this to make yourself at home expediently.

Information is easy to access when you sign up on the website, and you can shop for guidebooks and maps in physical or PDF form.  An especial delight for you tech-savvy iPhone users is the NFT iPhone App, which already includes London…this shall prove a much cooler and more discreet means of consulting a map in the city streets in lieu of blatantly targeting yourself as a vulnerable tourist when fussing to refold your paper map like some intricate work of origami.

With NFT in hand, you’ll blend in with the locals in no time.  And don’t forget, London Relocation Ltd. is here for you as an additional resource on all things London!

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