Author: Colleen

In the ever fertile and growing cyber-world of online networking, my recent digging has led me to this plum of a blog:  The London Vegetable Garden (which can be found at

If you’re moving or already living here, a highlight of the city for certain is the amount of green space to be had here.  It is readily evident that the English love their gardens, even if it’s simply growing some herbs or topiaries out on the window ledges of their flats.  Apartment buildings shed light on the true meaning of the phrase “garden flat” (in my hometown of Chicago, a garden flat simply translates to subterranean apartment with little light and certainly no outdoor space!), so it is possible to grab up a piece of that green land for yourself to cultivate, but if you’re having to be more creative than that, this gardening blog should be of great assistance.

The gardening center at Homebase is a great place to get started with your horticulatural goals–it’s on par with Home Depot in the States.  Once properly equipped, you can also join a community of fellow gardeners by signing in to The London Vegetable Garden’s associated social network on Ning, named London Gardeners. I’m fairly new to it myself, but it appears to be a virtual cornucopia of gardening topics, so if you’re in need of advice or have some to share!

On a related note, if green space is your property priority, let us know so we can place you in a flat that has a garden, is close to the parks, or has sufficient balcony or window ledge space for plotting your potting 🙂

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