If you are planning on moving to England for any length of time, you will require a form of employment in order to meet financial needs during your stay. If you don’t already have a job to relocate to then you will need to find one. This requires either making the move with the sufficient funds to get you by while searching for employment or to seek job opportunities before moving to UK.

Many of those that are already living in the country seek to move to London since jobs are more abundant there. Landing an interview consists of a fairly easy trip to the city to make the meeting. However, those seeking to move from US to London can expect more challenging obstacles to attending job interviews. Here we offer some tips on how to handle job interviews in the UK as well as for moving to London.

Landing a UK Job Interview

Since England is a fairly small country, those landing job interviews in London have a much easier process than those who live abroad. Discount travel cards can be obtained, booking trips by either rail or air are fairly inexpensive and staying at hotels for the short interview time is not too costly.

However, if you are lucky enough to land a good job interview but live outside the UK, you will have to weigh various criteria closely beforehand. First of all, you can inquire about the company paying for your travel expenses as many large companies will provide this in order to meet with prospective employees. If this isn’t offered then you will need to do research into the cheapest modes of travel and accommodations.

Rely on Professional Services

Relocation services offered by professional companies like London Relocation can make a world of difference in meeting your job interview needs. We can find you the best travel and hotel prices and, if you need to stay longer than a few days, we can even set you up in short-term flats which can often provide you with as many or more amenities as a hotel yet at much cheaper rates than hotels.

We can also provide you with valuable information on the best transportation methods to get back and forth from the interviewing company and your hotel or flat. We can also provide information on the best attractions to see, places to eat, cultural necessities and more to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

If you land the job, London Relocation agents can provide all the info required on how to move to London and even help you with the move and locate permanent London apartments.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS