Many Americans upon hearing the news of an upcoming international relocation to London immediately begin searching for a London neighborhoods map. While there is nothing wrong with such a map those moving to one of the world’s largest cities need much more information than an ordinary map can give them.  On top of a London neighborhoods map expats unfamiliar with the city streets may need personal advice, information relevant to one’s circumstance on each borough and a walking tour.

After getting familiar with one’s neighborhoods map the search for the perfect neighborhood for one’s family should expand to the internet or many books devoted to the topic.  By exploring online depictions of each neighborhood, reviewing crime and resident demographics of each neighborhood and looking at pictures and prices of homes each American making the move here can begin to narrow down the search to a handful of boroughs that they believe would suit their needs.

Once the short list of potential boroughs has been established through careful study of a neighborhood map and internet families and individuals moving to London from the States should be in regular contact with their  relocation agent.  By discussing one’s choices with them more information into the selections will be gleaned and further reductions to the short list of possible neighborhoods will be made.  Another benefit to speaking with a London relocation agent is that they will probably thing of determining factors that never crossed one’s mind and can’t be found on a neighborhood map.  They are quite experienced and have placed hundreds, if not thousands of American expats so they understand the needs and challenges facing families moving from the US.

Finally, once the list of possible neighborhoods has been reduced to a small number the walking tour must begin, trusting one’s neighborhood map to lead the way.  Only by actually visiting the streets and homes of possible housing locations can one really get a feel for the area and determine if it will work for their situation.  For those who are completely unable to make the journey before the big move to find a home there are other options.  Armed with one’s neighborhoods map and a good video stream one can take a virtual tour of homes and neighborhoods provided by a qualified relocation agent.

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