The 425, a classic double-decker bus, took a diverted route this morning.  I didn’t share in the irritation of the other commuters. Instead, I optimistically blasted my music, slouched in my upper-deck seat and let my earphone’s melodies dance with the dynamic streets of London.  Many have suggested I do an official bus tour, to view all the “must-see” attractions.  If you do see a tour, I recommend to bring music.  Tune out the mechanical tour-guide and see the city to the backdrop of your favourite song.  If you, like me, are not willing to pay the 30 £ to see a tour, check out the bus routes and bounce around from place to place for free.

At Sloane’s St. I bitersweetly hopped off the 425 and proceeded to Saatchi Gallery.  The gallery is located on King’s rode in the midst of high-end shops and restaurants.  The gallery is known for featuring eccentric, extreme works.  The exhibition of 20 international sculptors proved such.

One  gallery was simply an illusive room.  Dark, black oil covered the floor’s surface.  The reflections in the oil made one believe the room was two stories.  In the upper galleries I discovered sculptures constructed entirely of shelving units, vinyl, light boxes, acrylic sheet, cable and plug boards. They glowed enticingly against the black backdrop of the gallery.

The size, extremity and detail of the exhibition left me with feelings of awe and appreciation.  As I hopped on the 425 to head back to Notting Hill, although eager to resume as a music video, I was melancholic. Sad to leave behind work I could have stared at for hours and hours.  The work seemed to tangibly and beautifully exemplify the imagination. I felt as if my dreams had been perfectly and purposely arranged in each gallery.

The current exhibition will be going on until the 16th of October, for more information click here.



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