A London move isn’t the only thing that can keep you on your toes when you relocate to the UK. Nor is vegging out inside your London apartment the only way to get off your feet and relax. What you might have taken as a saucy blog title is really only my demented way of introducing today’s topic for our April A to Z Blogging Challenge:

“V” is for VIRGIN!

Not “like” a virgin, but the actual Virgin. Just as England was once under the reign of the Virgin Queen (Elizabeth I), so it is serviced by the Virgin corporation (Richard Branson). Though global in scope, Virgin can indeed be an integral part of living in London in particular.

To start with logistics necessary to moving here, I’ve written before about setting up utilities for apartment rentals. Virgin Media is one of the top three UK service providers for obtaining television, broadband, and telephone services in London. For more details (as well as a comparison with the other top providers), please refer to my post, “Setting up Your Telly When You Relocate to London.” You can further obtain a cell phone through Virgin Mobile.

A relocation also requires getting here, doesn’t it? In addition to flying back home for visits? In that case, Virgin Atlantic is a fine airline option that offers top-notch comfort and service where flying goes these days. They’re also responsible for one of my favorite TV adverts, upon celebrating their 25th anniversary: 🙂

And beyond flying to and from home, consider the places you can go for the sheer fun of it with the city as your hub! If you’re looking for help planning a vacation, Virgin Holidays is a first-class go-to resource that offers a “worry-free” guarantee that all your customized traveling and accommodation needs will be met.

For shorter term getaways, you can also have a heck of a lot of fun just hanging out locally or elsewhere in the UK thanks to Virgin Experience Days. I’ve written about these before in my post, “Have a Satisfying Virgin Experience if You’re Moving to London.” *blush* (Get your mind out of the gutter…) Whether you’re looking to spend a couple dozen GBP or a couple thousand, devote an afternoon or an entire day, these “experience days” can provide you with thrills and indulgences suited to whatever you fancy.

Whichever the practical needs or pleasurable desires you have upon relocating to England, the move itself will be an incredible experience, with Virgin as the popped cherry on top. 😉

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