Continuing with today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge twofer (because the royal wedding sidetracked me yesterday for the letter “Y”!), if you’re relocating to London with a family, today’s post is for you. I proudly present the final installment of our April alphabet:

“Z” is for ZSL LONDON ZOO!

ZSL stands for Zoological Society of London, and the ZSL London Zoo is located in west Regent’s Park (see my “Residential Roam” London Bundle post). I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve not only not been to the zoo myself yet, but Regent’s Park for that matter! I’ve driven by it in a taxi, but have been anxious to walk though it, as I constantly hear how absolutely gorgeous it is. And the zoo itself has been voted “London’s Best Tourism Experience.”

A peek at its website will show you it has plenty going on if you’re moving with children and want to plan a fun day out with the littluns. Their many special exhibits include special pavilions of butterflies, monkeys, and birds, and coming up this May, “Penguin Beach” is opening – a penguin habitat modeled after a South American beach. The zoo also specifically includes a “Kids Area” on its site with games, books, and other online resources for your little future vet or conservationist to explore.

Heck, this stuff is plenty fun for adults, too. So whether you’re moving with a family, as a couple, or on your own, the ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park is an easy day of fun in this warmer, sunnier weather we’ve been enjoying this spring! Once you’ve found your apartment to rent, step out of your habitat and into theirs. đŸ™‚

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