If you’re relocating to London and have visited before, there are prime central neighborhoods you’ve surely heard about given their high level of tourism. When you move to London, though, you see that you approach these same areas from a different angle; perhaps you’ll seek to avoid them altogether, but me, I like to still play tourist and keep sucking up all that I can. Today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge, then, is:


Now, we recently wrote about Piccadilly Circus and how it’s such a hub of tourism. Essentially the Times Square of London, the bright lights and foot/street traffic can be over-stimulating, and I confess that it’s not an area I like to frequent for this very reason. As a London resident, you’ll likely not gravitate toward such novelty shops and sites, but what Piccadilly certainly does have going for it is a nightlife of theatre, restaurants, and bars.

In February, I wrote about how I’d attended the play The Children’s Hour, starring Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss, located at the Comedy Theatre in London’s West End. Well, just last night, my husband and I watched yet another famous film actress grace the stage: Sienna Miller in Flare Path. Set in an English village inn during World War II, the play follows three young couples, the husbands of which serve in the Royal Air Force. Bonds of love and loyalty are put to the test and

delivered powerfully and endearingly by strong performances. I thought everything about this show exuded class, from the quaint hotel interior to the period clothing to the well-crafted dialogue of the well-cast characters, and I highly recommend it. The Royal Haymarket Theatre is just a five-minute (if even) walk from Piccadilly Circus tube station and has plenty of dinner options nearby. We ourselves dined at the Mint Leaf, which offered a reasonably-priced “pre-theatre” menu of its flavorful and rather cosmopolitan Indian cuisine. We didn’t have much time to waste, so the staff was very friendly and efficient about serving us the food and bill in enough time to catch the play right next door!

If you enjoy live stage performances or simply being where the action’s at, Piccadilly Circus is a-buzz with plenty of options if you don’t mind all the people. It’s good to step out of your London apartment now and then to interact with the masses, after all, so live it up in any way you can!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS