Okay, so one of the not-so cool things about moving here is the higher taxes you will have to pay.

Buuuut, one of the oh-so cool things about this city is the quantity of free museums thanks to the higher taxes you will have to pay 🙂

(Obviously, the non-UK tax-paying tourists are the ones who win in this situation…)

In any case, since promptly after your relocation you will need to learn to accept the huge chunk of your paycheck that will not be going into your personal bank account, the bright side is that you’ll save £££ on your museum visits—this is especially useful when you’re entertaining visitors and possibly going to the same places again and again.

Among the favorite free museums are:

British Museum

Imperial War Museum

Kenwood House

Museum of London

National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery

National Maritime Museum & Royal Observatory *

Natural History Museum

Science Museum *

Tate Modern & Tate Britain Museums

Victoria & Albert Museum

* (I just discovered a fun new blog that gives an expat’s personal perspective on these museums:  Emm in London)

For a more comprehensive listing of free museums, visit the Days Out Guide.

Even when a point of interest charges admission or could otherwise sell you something, though, there are still ways of seeing some of them free.  For instance, if you’re keen to see the inside of cathedrals like Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s, consider attending either a morning service or the afternoon evensong.  Sneak a peek inside St. Paul’s crypt at its Crypt Cafe; rest on a bench overlooking the Tower of London; ride the elevators up and down Harrod’s department store; play with the toys in Hamley’s; mosey through the markets like Portobello Road, Borough, Smithfields, and Camden; watch the street performers at Covent Garden or on the South Bank; explore the grounds of Kensington Palace; stroll through St. James’s Park and view Buckingham Palace.  Other free ways to soak upyhe atmosphere:  sit by the fountains in Trafalgar Square; collect artifacts on the Thames bank;  walk or cycle through Hyde Park; picnic in Hampstead Heath; watch the sun set from Primrose Hill…the list goes on and on of all that is free in London to explore and stretch that pound further—it’s just a matter of doing your research and being creative.

Dear readers, if you have any good freebies that you’d like to add, please post them in your comments to spread the wealth!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS