Well, true to my deviant self (shah, right) I’m taking another break from the London postcodes to chat a bit about the miscellaneous London living experiences I had today and will tomorrow, which you, too, can enjoy if you’re moving to London.

First of all, what craziness to hear in the news of the mayhem in our city center in response to the UK coalition government’s shift from state-funded to student-funded university tuition. What began as an intended peaceful march of 50,000 protesters was overtaken by a violent minority that caused needless chaos and injury.

While all this was going on in Westminster, my naive self was tra-la-la-la-laing my way through Mayfair with good friends. We’d made a date to check out the Modern Masters Gallery, located within a row of art galleries once you veer off the opulent streets of designer shopping. Its current exhibition is featuring works of Salvador Dali, a mixture of drawings, paintings, and sculptures, some of which are on display for the first time in the UK. I myself was a little partial to the lobster phone…

After this, just a slight zig and then a zag brought us to 3 Savile Row, former location of The Beatles’ Apple Corps, with Apple Studios in its basement and their final 1969 concert on its rooftop. If we were ever in doubt that we’d found the right place, the people taking turns getting their photo taken in front of the door (graffiti-ed with individual homages to the band) and the London walking tour guide they returned to were the tip-off. Savile Row is renowned for other reasons as well—as my musically astute friend pointed out, they sing of this street in Annie (“Who cares what they’re wearing on Main Street or Savile Row?” from “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”); as was evident by shop window after shop window, this is the place to buy a proper tailored suit in London.

After that, we decided we ought to fully immerse ourselves into the local culture by popping into a nearby pub for some day-drinking, so we cozied up to a pint apiece and some lunch at The Burlington Arms. Hint: If you order their Barn Owl Premium Ale, they will serve up its deliciousness in a cute glass mug. That was my experience—coupled with super girlie observation—anyway. It was also my observation, though, that several of the older gentlemen present in the afternoon preferred a glass of wine to the ale, which certainly distinguished this pub experience from my other primarily not-as posh London neighborhood experiences :). And yet, a roaming, resident chocolate lab that carried its own leash around in its mouth added to the comfy, community atmosphere.

Our stroll to the Oxford Circus tube station to carry us on our respective homeward journeys to the East and West sides of the city led us along the already-lit-for-Christmas Oxford and Regents Streets, with a peek down a side alley at the glimmering Carnaby Street, which had its Christmas light ceremony at 6pm this evening. If you’ve made your UK relocation already and missed these events (Rihanna joined the London Westfield shopping centers lighting ceremony on the 4th!), no worries, you can still catch the lighting on Bond Street next week on the 18th from 5-8pm.

And speaking of Rihanna, I’m evidently going to see her tomorrow night thanks to a friend who scored an extra ticket to the Graham Norton Show on BBC One that will be airing this Friday; along with her will be Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Farrell, so I’ll be sure to give you the scoop!  Need I say more why you need to get a London apartment, and pronto? This city has the most random and marvelous entertainment options to offer.

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