So, you’re relocating to London. Which means international relocation and living there. Which means that you’ll most likely have a place of your own, will need your own rental flat. Which means that you’ll need to stock it with the basic essentials that come with having a place of your own. Which means only one thing: Going grocery shopping. Much like taking public transport, knowing where the hospitals are, or figuring out the fastest way to get from your home to your office, figuring out a proper routine for your grocery is one of those basic essentials crucial to building a life in your new city. One thing that you’ll have to get used to when moving to London is the distinction between the idea of the supermarkets in the States versus that of grocery stores in the UK. This is particularly true if you’re used to doing your grocery shopping at supersized places like Wal-Mart’s or the like. If you do want to find places like that while living in London, you’ll have to venture outside of the city centre and into the surrounding suburbs for the large-scale places.

Moving to London – Getting the Groceries

For the most part, shopping in London is done in smaller sized stores, with there being many outside markets dedicated to selling things like fresh produce. Farmers’ Markets are famous for their numerous quality offerings, with the Notting Hill Farmers’ Market and the Blackheath Farmers’ Market being popular areas for those looking for something tasty to bring to the Sunday Lunch. Otherwise, you should find small grocery stores in your area offering you whatever you’ll need to fill up your house. It takes some getting used to after moving to London how different shopping is here, but there are some positive points.  One particularly appealing service that many grocery stores offer in London is the option to have your groceries delivered to you place. Now if you’re just buying the paper and some toilet roll, then maybe that doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But if you find yourself having sugar, milk, wine, canned goods and anything else for your place, having someone else on hand to take it to your place can be a blessing. You’ll have to educate yourself about these matters when relocating; the longer you stay, as you can’t be serious about your relocation if you can’t even stock your place with milk and sugar.

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