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Author: Colleen

If you’re in Central London, just a matter of a 20 or so minutes on the District Line will whisk you away to Kew Gardens, away from the brick and bustle of the city and into the flora and fauna of nature.  Spanning 300 acres, Kew Gardens is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year!  As an American who was rarely exposed to anything even that old back home, this horticultural achievement is impressive.  Once housing royalty, the gardens continue to cultivate and preserve exotic plants from all over the world, including the world’s largest indoor plant, a Chilean wine palm.  Walk within the charming Victorian greenhouses, around the extensive outdoor grounds (there is a tram if not up to it on foot), and even up among the treetops along the Treetop Walkway as a calming means of stepping into English history.  If you’re moving here (hopefully with the help of London Relocation Services), make Kew Gardens one of your first stops to unwind after all that unpacking!

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