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I’ve previously written about pinching your pence, so thought I’d supplement with some more freebies (we’re adding more daily to our social network, too!).  It so happens that, yesterday, I’d inadvertently taken a wrong turn and ended too close to a famous landmark for comfort on a sunny summer day of high-tourism.  Passing tour bus and tour group, I felt claustrophobic for those stuck in the middle of the masses straining to hear what the tour guide was saying and trying to keep up with the herd, reinforcing my general preference to go solo for things like this.

Any good guidebook like 24 Hours: London, Rick Steve’s London, or DK Eyewitness Travel Guide can help you plot your own customized daily walking itinerary, of course, but the following cut right to the chase if you’re interested in the free self-guided routes they offer:

Walk London

London For Free

Richard Jones’s London Walking Tours

The London Toolkit also offers an extensive list of downloadable walking tours.

Touring town may be one thing while relocating may be another, but they’re not entirely separate existences.  I, for one, have enjoyed being a tourist here since moving from America two years ago, and I declare that the day I walk by Big Ben or St. Paul’s Cathedral and not snap my head back to gawk at their brilliance will be a sad, jaded day indeed.  Don’t be embarrassed to explore your city with a map and guidebook in hand if it helps you understand better what you are seeing—sure, immersing yourself into the locals’ activity and wandering off the beaten walking-tour path is the best way to really incorporate yourself into the city culture, but knowing its fundamentals is a part of appreciating the lot of it, so grab that camera (and, yes, you can wear those cute shoes as long as they’re comfortable as well) and hit the streets!

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