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London Relocation Ltd. created an interactive resource for you if you’re relocating or have already moved here and are looking to network with fellow expats.  It’s a one-stop shop that houses feeds from our blog and Twitter profile, as well as connects you to the blogs authored by our peeps for further resources on living here.  Our discussion forums are open to any related topic you wish to chat about, from things to do to essential moving advice.  Going forward, we’re adding a feature in which folks can share whatupcoming plans they have that others are welcome to join in on to supplement the socials we organize and local events we post, and we’re adding to our offering of fun stuff like chatting with other members and playing online games.

If you join us, you may also get your own profile page to pimp out with apps, photos, texts/feeds, and a comments section where other members can post messages to you.

As a growing network, we’re happy to evolve to meet your needs as a current and future expats.  There’s a lot of possibility within this friendly community, and you and your ideas are very welcome here 🙂

Sharing is Caring!