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No, this isn’t another day in Jack Bauer’s life in a new season of “24”–it’s how YOU can make the most of  YOUR day at any hour of it here.  Marsha Moore is the author of this clever guidebook that dissects the city hour-by-hour so you will never have to be at a loss for what to do at any given time.  Covering the well-knowns along with the unknowns, 24 Hours: London has an appeal for both visitors and locals, and Marsha’s writing style will keep you engaged enough to actually read the book, not cast it in the pile of standard, non-reader-friendly guides  you’ve purchased with the best of intentions.  It has even received kudos from Boris Johnson, our Mayor:  ‘This is a nifty guide for Londoners and tourists alike. There are some brilliant tips whether you have just a day to spare, or much longer to enjoy what the capital has to offer. London has some of the most famous landmarks and attractions on earth, so use this book to discover some of our city’s less well-known delights’ (quoted from the 24 Hours website).  Buy it for yourself and as a gift for your future visitors when you move here, and when you’re living here and ready to tackle new terrain, hop the Eurostar with your 24 Hours: Paris guide (available this spring, just in time to smell the chestnut trees after a fresh April rain!).

And, of course, before you can venture out to see all that we can offer, you’ll need a home base–We can be your 24-hour guide in that case.  At any rate, you can connect with us as well as Marsha Moore herself on our London Living social network site where she’s a member too!

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