If you’re moving here, you’ll find that no matter how long you live here, there will always be something more to see. And if you’re only able to visit the city for a weekend or layover, you’re probably writing off the possibility of touring it extensively to really get its gist.

So as for the concept of London-in-a-day…
“No way,” you say?
“Oh, but aye,” I cry!

I could not be prouder that Wendy has established her own touring business! And, that’s right, it is aptly named London In A Day (www.londoninaday.com and www.londoninaday.co.uk).

London In A Day is like our kindred spirit in concept: quick—but quality—turnaround service for those with time constraints. Just like we take clients on nearly two dozen viewings and negotiates their lease signing in just one day, so does Wendy knowledgeably guide her clientele around the city’s highlights as well as off-the-beaten path findings in merely six hours.

I can speak to this service, because I’ve used it! And even as a local resident of over two years who blogs about it here every single day, I still had a lot to learn from this lady. She is a fellow American expat who got to know the very nooks and crannies of this city through proactive touring on her own and when hosting out-of-town guests—which you will surely do a-plenty when you’ve moved here yourself! In that respect, this is a tour that is not only conducive to the whirlwind tourist, but also residents seeking to know their city better or looking for “daycare” for their visitors while at work. [Hm, methinks I likewise see it as a nice fit for London Relocation clients seeking a crash-course in where they’re moving…]

My personal favorite aspects of London In A Day are many:

Tour group sizes are intimate. Only up to 4 people are taken out at a time, and you can arrange to have a private tour as well. So, you don’t have to crane your neck or jostle people around to get within earshot of Wendy; you’ll have her personalized attention.
– You get a head start on the rush hour. I am so not a morning person, but standing with Big Ben as the city was just waking up and actually getting pictures of bustling spots like Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace with hardly any people around was sheer enchantment.
– It has variety. Both the big and small, in-your-face and hidden sides are visited, giving you a feel for the real local experience. You can also choose from a selection of tour options, from the iconic sites to shopping to a route tailor-made to your fancies.
– It has personality. Wendy is a character. A no-nonsense, witty gal, she’s also a belle of southern hospitality. 🙂

London In A Day made me fall in love with this city all over again. Seriously, I’m still crushin’ on it big-time. And you will, too, whether you’re just visiting or moving here for the longer-haul!



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