Today I’ve decided to blog about another blog, feeling ever so compelled to give props to quality blogs that I stumble upon.  There are infinite sites out there cataloguing the usual touristy things to do and providing logistical advice, 

but what I find in the Little London Observationist are delightful snippets out of an everyday person’s life.  Why I think anyone consulting our website might be particularly interested in this is because its author, Stephanie Sadler, is an American expat who seems to be having a passionate love affair with her new life here and truly optimizing her everyday urban experiences.  Through her flair for writing and photography, Stephanie presents us with visually and verbally colorful bite-sized candies of an edgy, cultural existence, be it her own daily updates or perspectives contributed by others under the pages “Guest Posts” or “Listen to a Londoner.”  Expats can find empathy on the “Expat Page,” and those seeking some cultural infusion can consult the “London Art Spot” or Stephanie’s own “Bookshelf.”  Also to be had in this thoughtful Valentine to the UK capital are a directory of links to other closely-related blogs as well as special-interest links for social activism and the arts.

London Relocation Ltd. hopes you’ll likewise immerse yourself in your new surroundings once you’ve relocated..  There is so much you can learn on your own from simply allowing yourself to meander through the streets without a map or a timepiece—that’s when the discoveries happen and you chance upon the little pockets that will come to mean so much to you.  And it’s when realizing that there are others who are likewise forging their own paths and uncovering glittering nuggets of experience that it becomes so valuable to have a resource like Little London Observationist to be aware of that which you might have overlooked and plot new trails going forward.  Happy living to you!

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