Just a quick heads-up that if you happen to be moving this week or are already here, artist Charlene Lam is exhibiting her “Someday…Longing in London” artwork as of yesterday through August 15th.

From the press release:

“SOMEDAY … Longing in London is the first UK solo exhibition of New York-London designer and artist Charlene Lam.  Inspired by her transition from East Coast to here, the show is an exploration and celebration of cities and longing.

Emphasizing the use of materials sourced locally from the streets, the show features installations, collections of found objects, and limited-edition prints, as well as a collaborative piece collecting the ‘someday’s.”


From the artist herself:

“During the show, I’ll be working on a collaborative artwork, collecting the longings of folks from Twitter, web postings, and visitors to the show. Please stop by, say hi, contribute your ‘someday’ and share your favorite tips!

Charlene is also on our social networking site, where she has this to add:

“Hello, all! A quick hello from Clerkenwell. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you this week at my show, SOMEDAY … Longing in London (details on events page). I’ve been in the UK 11 months, and the works in the exhibition are very much about my transition from NYC to London. The curiosities of expat living were very much on my mind as I was setting up yesterday — how paint colors take on sudden importance when you’re an accidental housewife, the joy of puzzling out what they call oatmeal, etc. Hope to meet you in person this week or over coffee sometime!”

What a sweet gal :).  Can’t wait to meet her myself at the exhibit!

The details:
Open late Thursday 12 Aug, with refreshments and treats 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday, noon-4pm
There is also a Snack & Stitch weekdays from 3-5pm (see website)

The beautiful thing about art is that this showcase encompasses the spirit of not just one American expat’s experience with relocating to the UK, but something for all of us expats to share, so be a part of it!

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