With 118 postcodes or neighborhood’s to explore, you’ll never run out of things to do. The biggest question facing you when you are moving to London however is going to be which one of those postcodes are you going to live in. When you’re choosing your rental, your first decision is going to be whether you’re ‘North’ or ‘South’.

The Great North vs. South Debate

Throughout history there has always been friction between the North and the South. In every country and in many cities there is an imaginary line dividing North and South. As an American moving here you’ll know all about the Civil War between the North and South that divided America and still does to a certain extent.

While there are no actual battles between the North and South here, you’ll find that it is a hotly debated issue everywhere. People are convinced that their area is the best and although there is never a resolution, you might want to get in on the debate while you are deciding where you are going to be living.

You’ll have to listen to both sides of the argument before you make a decision. Be sure that you also get some objective advice on the pros and cons of living in the North or the south of this massive city.

Essentially, the city of London is divided by the River Thames, which winds its way through the city. North London includes the east and west, because they are definitely north of the river. There are some north areas that have south postcodes, just to confuse you in traditional British fashion.

Most Americans moving here tend to settle in North London and by north London we actually mean West London but there is much to be said for living south of the mighty Thames. The best advice you can get is to explore all the areas that will give you fast access to your job and will fulfill your requirements as to amenities.

The only problem is that both the North and the South have it all!

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