Living in London means that you have some of the world’s greatest entertainment on your doorstep. In fact, you may have celebrities living just next door if you live in the right area. This is the home of The Royal Opera House, The Beatles, Elton John, Colin Firth, Helen Mirren, Adele, and of course, a number of very famous Americans who have chosen to settle in London. You need to get out of your flat and join the millions of people who are out on the town every night. There are varieties of nightclubs, restaurants, theatres where you can enjoy an evening and night out on the town.

A new fad has caught the London nightlife mostly in restaurants where you can now enjoy a dinner and a cabaret at the same place. One of the most popular is The Supperclub in West London. Start with a decadent cocktail– in the Bar Rouge – to a dinner in the huge Salle Neige where diners recline on white beds and performers take to the stage. After dinner, furniture is cleared and the restaurant becomes a nightclub.

Circus is in a glamorous setting and offers pole dancing and burlesque cabaret, which is tremendously popular right now and it sometimes, includes participation from the audience. You can have your meal while watching the performances.

The Brompton Club in South Kensington is another traditional but comfortable club for a night out. A range of old classics and contemporary music is played throughout the night. Another restaurant, Proud Cabaret a similar sort of evening serving specifically British food and cabaret. The bonus being a big band, swing dancers and satire girls to entertain the diners.

A night out would not be complete without a nightcap before heading home to your flat. Two of the most popular after hour’s venues are No 11, which is a private members club and hotel and the Almada Bar & Club, which boasts a New York vibe.

The classic combination of dinner and cabaret has always been on the cultural scene and it is bigger than ever before. It’s a great way to entertain visiting friends and family and enjoy living in London after the sun goes down.

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