Living In London – The London ‘Underground’ – The Hidden Treasure of London
Living In London – The London ‘Underground’ – The Hidden Treasure of London- Image via Wikipedia

Once you’re living in London, you’ll want to get out of your new London apartment and start exploring the city as a native, not a newbie. When you’ve done all of the big tourist attractions you have to start exploring the hidden facets of fascination that this city has to offer. London has a history that reaches back over 2000 years and the history is plainly written on the cityscape if you know where to look.

This series of articles looks at the hidden side of London; the ‘underground’ not only being a reference to the transport system. If you’re looking for interesting things to do, see and experience then the secret side of London is available to you because you’re now a Londoner. That makes you part of the club and knowing where to go as a Londoner is one of the best parts of living in London.

Each neighborhood in London is a secret treasure trove interesting sites, restaurants, theatres and other quirky attractions. While London is a thoroughly modern city, its history has played an important part in shaping and guiding the city through the ages. From the mighty River Thames that is much a part of London history as any other building or museum, to the parks and architecture that give London its iconic postcard status.

You don’t have to stick to the tourist tracks; much of London’s treasure is in the hidden statues and historical landmarks that are not marked on the maps. The same goes for shops, restaurants and the best eateries in London. It’s not a secret club, but you do have to be living in London to experience the best parts of the city. If you’re an American moving to London, you need to explore your new city like a Londoner to take advantage of what she has to offer. Don’t stick to expat enclaves, get out there and discover the heart of the hidden treasure of London.


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