A London relocation typically entails London visitors as well, and as I related last week, my sister came to town and did London up, down, and all around with me for an awesome, awesome week of iconic sights and neighborhood gems.

To follow up on that previous post, that busy little bee has been writing and posting like the wind about her experiences here in London. Beyond everything we saw out and about all over the city, she was enamored enough with my quaint London apartment and neighborhood: “Well, the only thing I know is that I have to get back to your most welcoming flat in much less than another two years.  I have to,” she emailed me immediately after leaving, as, timing-wise, it unfortunately did take over two years after my London relocation for her to make it this time round.

Yet for as much as we played, the lady was at work, too. A published novelist, my sister’s day job includes writing for local boutique blogs and the town newspaper’s fashion column. One of her missions while visiting was to take photos of boutiques’ products in front of classic London landmarks in the vein of the Travelocity gnome. Her Naot shoes are pictured above with the British Museum and also feature in the post, “Where Have Your Naot Shoes Kicked Up Their Heels?” for the Merralee shop, located in Geneva, IL. Likewise, the distinctive pink bag of The Little Traveler shop smiled for the camera in front of Tower Bridge for the post, “Where Have YOU Traveled with Your Little Traveler?

Playing this same round-the-world game is my sister’s own novel, Three Daves (written under the pen name Nicki Elson), as displayed in “Three Daves Get Around.” It was in homage to this witty, heartfelt book set on a college campus in the 1980s that I threw an ’80s-themed party at my apartment for the gals during her visit, which she also wrote about at her Nicki Elson’s Not-So-Deep Thoughts blog (check out our Pac-Man cake! It was, like, totally rad.)

And last but not least, yours truly got to feature in her Geneva Patch fashion article, “2011 Spring Fashion 101: A Geneva Diva in London.” My dear sibling is too kind to regard me a fashion diva in any way, but I offered what two pence I could on the common fashion trends I’ve observed here since moving here.

Thus concludes the smattering of inspiration my precious visitor took away from this fine capital of the world. I hope you and your guests will likewise feel enthused about the city and all its possibilities once you make your own move!

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