If you have recently moved to London with your family, then you might be looking for places that you can take them that are geared up for children. London has some of the best kid’s tourist attractions and you can get them out of your London apartment and spend the day doing something fun. The transport system in London is so extensive that you are never more than a quick walk away from most of the tourist attractions.

London for Kids – The National Army Museum

This has to be one of the best days out for the whole family. The Kids Zone at the National Army Museum has been designed to enthral children of all ages. This is a museum that draws the children into the world of history by taking them on one of the most interactive and dynamic tours you have ever seen. Educational as well as entertaining, the National Army Museum helps children learn about their own history through the media and interactivity of the museum experience.

The focus is on ‘The Army’ and children will have the opportunity to learn about some of the wars and weaponry that has helped win conflicts through the ages. The entire experience gives children the opportunity to interact with the exhibits. There is a castle fortress where the children can change into pint sized army uniforms and go on army style manoeuvres such as rock climbing and tunnelling. They can even learn about preparing food for the army in the army kitchen. The Museum is found in Chelsea, on the Royal Hospital Road and they are open nearly every day of the year.

It is one of the most popular outings for children in London and the whole day is packed with activities and interactive exhibits that will keep the children interested for hours. Even the little ones will be entertained in the area that has been designed for toddlers. There are also activities like art and drawing for when they tire of playing soldiers.

Keeping children entertained is easy in London when you have places like the National Army Museum on your doorstep. It’s a great way to get kids active and away from the television and computer. If you have older children then you might like to visit the National Science Museum, which is one of the highlights of any visit to London. This is also a highly interactive tour and you will need the whole day to make your way around the treasure of this museum. It is not just bells and whistles and entertainment; you’ll be educating your kids in the basics and history of science through the ages. Every child who enters here will be immediately enthralled and entranced by the exhibits and displays.

Living in London with children is not as difficult as it sounds. Although London is a big city, it has a number of parks and green areas that are perfect for children and safe for play. There are dozens of tourist attractions that have been specially designed for children that will entertain and educate. Living in a foreign country with young children is one of the best ways of broadening their horizons and giving them a view of the world that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

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