Once you have seen the BIG tourist attractions you’ll have to get out of your apartment and start discovering the smaller attractions that London has to offer.The City has become such a popular destination that it has seen an influx of people who have settled in and made moving to London common. Even though residents and tourists alike still frequent the well known sights nearby their rentals.  Places like the Tower and Trafalgar Square, to Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, the sheer variety and diversity of this city offers so much more than what is instantaneously apparent.


There a number of places that one can visit at any time of the day. Some are best seen early morning others early evening or night. There are places for every hour of the day. Early morning you may consider taking a stroll to Borough market which has been in its current location for 200 years and is considered to be Britain’s oldest food market. You will find offerings of all things organic as London is turning out to be a foodie heaven. Borough is the most popular place for fresh food shopping with locals, tourists and celebrity chefs alike.


If you want to do your exploring during the day the you can pay a visit to The Sanctuary which serves as a women only spa and provides the much needed peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and sophisticated pampering right in the middle of the city. The building where it is housed has in the past been everything from a “house of ill repute,” to a banana warehouse. After over a decade as a dance school it opened as a women’s spa in 1977 and has been restoring the calm to many a set of jagged nerves ever since. It is sheer indulgence, with everything aimed at soothing the body and mind.


If it’s an evening out you are looking for then the Brick Lane in “Banglatown”, at the East End is the place to be. It is a significant place for many locals. From Jack the Ripper in the late 19th Century, to the Kray brothers and other gangsters of the 1950s and 60s, the East End has long been associated with the murkier, seedier side of town. However, over the years this area has turned into one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse, with Brick Lane at the heart of it all..

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS