When you’re living in London you’ll find loads of interesting places to visit on your exploration of the city. It doesn’t matter where you decide to live when you move to London, everything is within an easy tube or bus ride away and you’ll be hard pressed to spend any time in your new rental when you’re living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Notting Hill – Portobello Road Market

You’ve seen the film, now it’s time to step into the streets of this famous area in London and discover the Portobello Road Market that is held every day of the week except Sundays, which is when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts sit on their bench in the garden! The best way to really explore the Portobello Road Market is to start at the entrance which is near the Notting Hill Gate tube station. The market stretches along the road for nearly two miles and on a Saturday it take you a few hours to make your way through the throngs of tourists and traders. You’d best come with plenty of time and a bit of cash to splash at the diverse stalls and shops in the market.

During the week, the Portobello Road Market is where the locals in the area shop for fresh fruit and vegetables, which is usually found between Westbourne Park Road and Colville Terrace. They offer a range of the freshest fruits sourced from all of the countryside. On Friday and Saturday the funky street fashion designers come out to play with a huge range of stalls selling everything from the latest street fashions to retro vintage wear with a modern London twist. Also on Saturday is the antiques market where you can see some splendid examples of antique furniture, and bric-a-brac.

It really doesn’t matter which day you visit the Portobello Road Market – if you’re living here, you’ll want to come more than once anyway- there are always outdoor cafés and restaurants serving international food and light meals. Living like a local is an adventure and visiting the Portobello Market is a great way to get accustomed to the accents and the way that they live life.


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