If you are moving to London then you will have the opportunity to see some of the world’s greatest and most famous museums. The museums in London are for everyone, and have been specially designed to capture the imagination of people without being old fashioned and ‘boring’. Many people stay away from museums because they have the impression that it is all about dusty exhibits and artifacts. London museums are anything but that, and with over 200 hundred museums in the city, you’ll be hard pressed to choose which museums to visit each weekend that you are living in London.

Fantastic Museums to take the Family

The Natural History Museum: This is a firm favourite with families and the children will be able to spend hours marveling at the interactive displays. The permanent dinosaur exhibit is the place where kids head first, and you’ll find it hard to tear them away from this exhibit to visit some of the other interesting rooms. The Darwin Centre has an exhibit of the development of nature and science, and one of the most fun exhibits is called the Power Within, which takes you on a journey of what happens during an earthquake or a volcano. The Natural History Museum is located on Cromwell Road and entry is free unless you are visiting a specialized exhibition.

Madam Tussauds: This is a must see for any tourist or resident of London. One of the most famous museums in London. The exhibits are all made of wax and you’ll just love the celebrity and modern rooms with the lifelike sculptures of modern celebrities and the royal family. The historical exhibits take you through some of the best (and worst) of English history and you’ll have the chance to be truly horrified, and scared when you see the torture chamber and the dungeons of London exhibit. This is a fun day out for the entire family. Madame Tussauds does charge an entry fee as it is a private museum.

The Science Museum: You cannot see everything that this iconic museum has to offer in one day, and your children will love you when you keep coming back so that you can enjoy the exhibits at this famous museum. The Science Museum is one of the most interactive museums in the world. Nearly every exhibit can be touched, or has some kind of moving part that will thrill children of all ages. It is a fun way of getting children interested in science and technology, and is considered to be one of the world’s best museums. Entry to the Science Museum is free unless there is a special attraction that requires a ticket.

The best way to get the most out of museums is to get a London Pass, which is a way of paying for your tickets before you go so you do not have to stand in queues. You can a buy a Pass card for a number of days, and twin it with a travel card so your transport is sorted as well. It comes with a great guide book, and if this is your first time in London then this can be a valuable resource as you are exploring the city and learning all about your new home.

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