Living here is all about immersing yourself in the English culture and way of life. If you are going to be moving to London soon, then you’ll want to spend some time getting to know your city and the best way to do this is by visiting some of the most famous tourist attractions and museums that London has to offer. Just as soon as you are settled into your new London rental, then you need to grab your London A-Z and head out to experience as much of London as you can.

Modern Museums – Looking Back at the Bizarre

Museums are not all about dinosaurs and steam engines, there are a number of museums that are devoted to the odd and bizarre in London’s history and while they might be slightly off the beaten track there are a number of smaller museums that offer a rather alternative take on a number of iconic British subjects.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: this is a riot of fun and you can see all of the most famous artifacts that have been collected by the folks at Ripley’s. Prepare yourself for some unusual and some truly bizarre items from around the world that have found their home. This collector and the museum have spawned and international television series and a number of publications devoted to finding the truly bizarre from around the globe. There is a small admission fee payable to the museum and it is a fun day out for the whole family.

The London Museum: If your tastes run to the slightly darker side of history then you’ll love the museum which is devoted to the more macabre side of the history. This is not for the faint hearted and some of the exhibits are extremely lifelike and gruesome. The Great fore, the Black Plague, and some of the bizarre torture implements that go right back to Roman times. This city has not always had a peaceful history and this is the place to learn all about it. The entry to this superb museum is free.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum: Located in the house that Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle made famous in his stories of Sherlock homes; the great British detective. The home has been kept in its original Victorian splendor and offers a look at the time when the fictional detective was solving his most bizarre cases. It also gives a fascinating look at the development of forensic science as a method of policing and the development of the police force.

Whatever your tastes are you can find a host of activities that will have you enthralled and will also teach you much about the city that you now call home. So get out there and find the museums and galleries and start immersing yourself in everything English.

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