If you’re moving to London in 2011 you’re in for a busy year. London is one of the biggest cities in the world and it is where business, tourism and life meet, often at a frenetic pace. Depending on where you are living in London, you may be facing a hefty commute every day to get to work and back again.

You’ll want to maximize your free time as much as possible when you have moved into your new rental and saving time, so you have more spare time to explore you new city, should be a priority.

Saving Time & Money While You’re Living In London

  • Online Bonus: If you’ve ever heard the expression “A stitch in time, saves nine” well a second online can save you time while you’re living in London. Try to do as much as you can in the way of bill paying and paperwork while you are online. You can organize most of your bills, including rent and utilities, to be paid monthly by debit order through your bank. If you prefer to check your bills before you pay them, then make sure that you are connected to online or internet banking. You don’t have to waste time standing in queues during your lunch hour or on a precious Saturday morning.
  • Travel Time Savers: Use the time you spend on the tubes and trains to catch up on phone calls, read a book, do a cross word, or write a letter home to friends telling them how fabulous it is here. In terms of commuter travel time you could be spending up to two hours a day getting to, and back from work. While day-dreaming is a perfectly acceptable occupation, you know you can find something better to do!

If you are moving to London from a small town in another country, you might find that the pace takes some getting used to. It’ll only take a few weeks before you feel the pace and pulse of your new home coursing through you. Welcome to the city!


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