Once you are well settled into your new home, then you will want to get out and explore the city. Being indoors all the time, especially if you have little ones can make even the most patient person crazy, so why not head off for the day to visit some of the great, and child friendly attractions that London has to offer.

Wild at Heart – London Zoo

Looking for a walk on the wild side? Head off to London Zoo for the day and fulfil your fantasies of becoming an intrepid explorer of the animal kingdom. London Zoo is the oldest scientific Zoo in the world established in 1828 on just over 30 acres of prime land in Regents Park. Although surrounded on all sides by the bustling city, the zoo manages to retain a feeling of wide-open space and the call of the wild.

With over 700 species of animals, reptiles and other creatures that wriggle, crawl and roar, it is a splendid day out. The core exhibits are ‘Gorilla Kingdom’ the ‘Rainforest Lookout’ and ‘Into Africa’. It was the first Zoo in the world to open a reptile house, aquarium and a children’s zoo. The reptile house is particularly brilliant. Remember the scene from Harry Potter when Harry magically releases the python? Shot at London Zoo! London Zoo has featured in many films and television series over the years.

London Zoo has had some famous residents over the years. The best loved was Guy the Gorilla who is commemorated with a statue in Barclay Court. In the Gorilla Kingdom, you can get strikingly up close and personal with the three African Gorillas in their natural rainforest habitat. The Rainforest Lookout brings the vitality and vibrancy of a South American rain forest to life for you and emphasizes the importance of saving this natural heritage for future generations.

All of the exotic, weird and downright cute animals on the planet can be seen at London Zoo .They once even had eight humans on display as part of a project to highlight the impact that man has on the environment today, but don’t worry, they were not recruiting from the visitors!

Experience the poisonous kiss of Raja the male Komodo dragon, or the honeyed calls of the only collection of British hummingbirds in England. The London Zoo is amazing for the whole family. It’s heaps of fun, offers up thrills and excitement by putting you in close proximity to some of the world’s most dangerous animals and it’s very informative. Moreover, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by spending your day at the Zoo.

London Zoo has different opening times depending on the season, but is generally open from 10 am until about 5 pm all days of the year except for Christmas Day. Ticket prices range from £16 for children and £19.80 for adults. They have fantastic rates for groups.

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