Moving to London means that you are moving to a city that has a rich cultural heritage in the arts. Now that you’re settled into your new apartment, this is the perfect time to visit some of the museums and galleries that pay tribute to the traditions and excellence that have made London into the centre of the art world. The holidays will soon be over and you will be heading off to a city job with little free time to enjoy the tourist haunts, so get out there today and start exploring your new home.

Artistic Treasures – The Royal Academy of Art

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is the ultimate foundation of artistic excellence in the world today. Its mission is to be a place of creative endeavour and to support and highlight the best artists in the world and this has not changed since King George 3rd founded it in 1768. Continuing this tradition today with a commitment to stimulate and promote the creative arts through education. It is the home of one of the best art schools on the planet and the Academy holds a place of highest esteem in the art world.

The ‘Summer Exhibition’ at the Academy is one of the most illustrious and popular exhibitions in the art realm. It is the world’s largest open submission exhibition and has been the launching pad for many young creative artists. The Academy is situated at Burlington House, which is a stones-throw from Piccadilly Circus.

Although it is an academic institute, it is the sense of great commitment to the process of creativity that fills these hallowed halls and makes for a breathtaking visit.

The Royal Academy of Art is open Saturday-Thursday from 10am-6pm, (last admission to galleries is at 5.30pm) and on Fridays from 10am-10pm, (last admission to galleries is at 9.30pm).

Ticket prices are governed by the various exhibitions that are on show, but are usually about £10 per person. There are free guided tours at certain times of the day to the John Madejski Fine Rooms.

Artistic Treasures – Tate Britain

Tate Britain has been the home of British art since 1500. It is actually a collection of four major galleries across England with the London home being in Millbank. Tate Britain offers a collection of fascinating exhibitions of all facets of creative art. You should consider getting there by the ‘Tate to Tate’ as it encompasses both the Tate and the Tate Modern with a short, fun cruise along the River Thames.

The most famous artwork at the Tate is the phenomenal sculpture by Auguste Rodin, ‘The Kiss’. It also is home to the largest collection of works by the famous British artist, Turner and has a large collection of work by Francis Bacon, whose art never fails to promote debate and excitement by all those who view it. The fine detail and subject matter of the works of William Blake is also on show at the Tate and a favourite is, ‘Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing’ inspired by the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. With over 60 000 pieces of art on display at any one time, Tate Britain is an outstanding collection that chronicles the history of art and drives right on into the eclectic contemporary world of the modern artist.

The Tate is open to the public on all days of the year except for 24, 25, 26 December, from 10 am until 6pm. On Fridays you can enjoy ‘Late at Tate Britain’, when it is open until 10 pm. Admission is free unless it is a special exhibition.

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