Moving to London at this time of year can be a challenge and if you have recently moved to this fascinating city and settled into your ne London rental home, then you might want to take some time to explore the tourist attractions of London before you head into the heartland of the business world in early January.

Historical Treasures – The Victoria & Albert Museum

A firmly British establishment and the world’s greatest museum of art and design, The Victoria and Albert Museum is named after the most famous royal couple, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, and the grand entrance located on Cromwell Road in Kensington is a fitting tribute to this monarch and her consort.

The V&A today, is one of the finest places to visit when you’re in London. The exhibitions change regularly and they are immensely diverse, that you are sure to find something that beguiles and intrigues you. The exhibitions contain works spanning over 2000 years of art and culture from the classics to the truly modern and bizarre. There are free guided tours at different times of the day to make sure that you are getting the best from this unique experience. There are talks, courses and conferences being held all the time if you’re in the mood for some serious information and the V&A is home to some of the world’s treasures in ceramics, sculpture and even fashion and design. Because of the nature of the changing exhibitions you’ll just have to keep coming back to experience all that this museum has to offer.

Entrance to The V&A Museum is free but many of the specialized exhibitions carry a small fee for entry. It is advisable to book before you go if there is something that you are particularly interested in seeing.

Historical Treasures – Somerset House

Somerset House is more than just a space in the middle of London. An historical building designed to delight. A purist, neo-classical monument in the very centre of this cosmopolitan city, Somerset House is located between the River Thames and the Strand and it is a hit with Londoners and tourists alike. During the summer, the courtyard has the fascinating dancing water fountains to enjoy and in winter, it is everyone’s most loved ice skating rink.

Somerset House dates from 1776 and has been utilised in many different ways over the centuries; most famously as the home of the Admiralty and if legend is believed, the eminent Lord Nelson. The government use of Somerset House continued until the latter years of the 20th century when it was turned into a centre for the visual arts. Today, Somerset House presents many open-air concerts of the most popular modern artists as well as film showings, and contemporary art exhibitions. There are workshops, lectures and free guided tours of the venue and exhibitions, and it is a popular space for filming in central London.

Somerset House is open from 10 – 6pm daily with a small charge of £6 for entrance to the Embankment Galleries.

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