Moving here with children? Will they be able to make it in the big city? That could be the first question that crosses the minds of concerned parents when they know that they are going to be living here with a young family. Yes. This is a busy cosmopolitan city, but somehow, in a way that is uniquely English, London also has a distinctly suburban and village feel at times. A lot of that has to do with the way that London has been divided into suburbs and boroughs. There are areas in the middle of London where you can be forgiven for thinking you are living in a small village in the heart of the English countryside.

Once you have settled into your new rental, and have found schools for your children, you’ll want to give them the opportunity to see the city and experience everything that London has to offer. It’s not just about monuments and museums. There are a number of activities that you can do as a family that will allow you to see London and spend a great day out as a family. London Zoo is a great place to start, if you’re looking for a full day of entertainment in the animal kingdom. The London Aquarium is also another exciting attraction that has been designed and developed to cater to children of all ages. Madame Tussauds, the Science Museum; these are all fascinating and thrilling attractions that will keep the entire family amused for hours.

But what happens when you are living here and you’ve done all of the major tourist activities? What if you’re just looking for a spot to have a family picnic, relax in the summer sun, and spend some time enjoying the outdoors? Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is a huge adventure zone for children of all ages. Free, easy to find and an experience that your kids will want to repeat every week. Kensington gardens in particular are the site of the Princess Diana Memorial Playground, complete with pirate ship and a natural beach. For the older children there are well built bicycle paths and skateboard areas. Swimming, boating, sports facilities; all free and on your doorstep.

Living here with a young family can be one of the most enriching and exciting times in the history of your family. It will expose your children to an international style of living as well as opening their eyes to a world of possibility.

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