Part of moving to London means that you be entertaining visitors from back home – probably just as soon as you’re settled into your new rental apartment. Space in London is at a premium and you might not have room to fit everyone into your new home, so having a list of hotels that cover a variety of price ranges is a good idea for visiting family and friends. You’ll be able to show them all of the tourist attractions that London has to offer, and still be able to head back to the tranquility of your own home at the end of a day of sightseeing. There are many different types of accommodations in London and before you decide on the specifics, you might want to get an overview of what is on offer in this busy city.

Backpacker Accommodation

For the young and young at heart. There are loads of youth hostels and backpackers lodges across London. Remember this city has one of the highest populations of visitors and casual travelers in the world. It is a haven for youth travelers and most of them bed down in one of the youth hostels while they are seeing everything that England has to offer. They are usually moderately priced, and offer a lot of activities for young people. While they might be great for travelers on a budget, they do not encourage privacy.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

This is for people who want to be central, not bust their budgets and still have a place to go at the end of each busy day that offers a mite more tranquility than a busy youth hostel. Most bed & breakfast establishments offer a continental breakfast and a room with a bathroom. Just be prepared for the fact that the rooms are smaller than most, and British plumbing sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Bust your Budget Accommodation

London is a city that has some of the most lavish hotels in the world. Traditional elegance as well as modern luxury, if you have the cash to splash then you are going to be pampered from head to toe; you’ll barely want to leave your hotel to take in the sights. Five star accommodations comes at a price, but it is worth every penny. Hoteliers have one mission; to make sure that your every whim and fancy is catered for. Most top hotels have award winning restaurants on the premises, so even if you’re not staying in a hotel, you should visit some of the most famous, where you can indulge in some serious celebrity spotting, and sample the cuisine and culinary flair that London is famous for.

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