It is time to get out of your new rental flat and start exploring the city. You don’t always have to brave rush hour on the Tube to get around the city. Trying out different forms of transport if one of the great things about moving to London. You gain a different perspective every time you move around London in a new way.


London has one of the most intricate bus systems in the world. All destinations can be reached on the bus route and for the most part, they are cheap, comfortable and offer great hop-on-hop-off fares for tourists and travelers. One advantage of taking the bus is the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing as you trundle your way around London en-route to your destination. London is a 24-hour city so you’ll be able to get around all the time with the 24-hour bus service that runs on most of the major routes. London buses are most useful at night when the tube is closed. If you are ever stuck, then just head for Trafalgar Square where you will find the central hub for all of the night buses.

The best thing about buses here is the fare structure. It’s a flat rate of £1.20 on your Oyster card and £2 if you’re paying cash. The bus passes are valid for the entire bus and tram system, which means you can go anywhere; it’s not like the tube that has different fare Zones. There are super specials for 7-day bus passes, which allow you unlimited travel on all buses here.

For a experience that you will always treasure you have to take a trip in one of the old Routemaster Buses. They are as British as fish and chips wrapped in newspaper or Big Ben, and have been in use since 1956. Although it used to be crowded with the sight of these bright red buses, due to privatization, modern bus design and environmental and passenger safety reasons, the iconic, red double decker buses have been slowly phased out of use. There are still two routes running today that use the old Routemaster Buses for a uniquely British experience. The routes are called the ‘Heritage Routes’ and are a great way to see the city if you’ve just arrived and want to get a feel for the city. The Heritage Route No 9 runs from the Royal Albert Hall — Hyde Park Corner — Piccadilly Circus — Trafalgar Square — Strand — Aldwych, and the Heritage Route No 15 runs from Trafalgar Square — Strand — Aldwych — Fleet Street — Cannon Street — Monument — Tower Hill.

The buses have been restored to their former glory and are environmentally clean, with modern comfort and a great way to see London and indulge in some nostalgia for the big-red-London-bus!

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