Every year, thousands of foreign students start living in London to begin their studies at university. There are a number of excellent universities in the city and if you have children of college age, then moving to London and attending a university there can be an enriching experience. There are several requirements for attending university in England, and you will be able to apply at several universities even before you leave home.

You usually have to have A-levels to get into a university in England, but with a great grade point average you will be able to apply at some of the finest universities in the world. One of the advantages to attending university has got to be the cost. Even with the exchange rate, and the extra charges that are levied on foreign students, the cost of attending a world class university is much less than in America and Canada.

Some of the most famous colleges in the world are right in the centre of London. The London School of Economics, Kings College and the University College, London are among the finest tertiary institutions in the world. The medical teaching hospital of Barts is one of the most recognized teaching hospitals in the world.

If you are intending on practicing law in your country of origin then you should study in that country, however your pre-law studies can be done at any university in the world and may even enhance your opportunity of being accepted at a prestigious law school back at home.

There are over 100 000 students studying at any one time. By studying here you are giving yourself the added advantage of learning about cultures from all over the world. You get to live in the most diverse city on the planet and you will gain a network of friends and colleagues that will last you throughout your life.

Moving here and studying at a university is going to be one of the best times of your life. Take the opportunity and live the experience.


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