“We’re living in London in 2016, what’s the best thing to see or do?”

We recently had this question from a couple moving to London from Germany. It’s at once both the easiest and hardest question to answer…it’s also one of the one’s we’re asked most often! When you are riding the rollercoaster called ‘Life in London’, it is hard to get bored. A whirlwind of entertainment thrills await night owls, day trippers, glitz and glamour seekers and culture vultures alike. All this fun and frivolity is great, but can have a negative effect on your bank balance…

If you’ve recently moved to London or plan on moving to London in February or March and want to save money, you don’t have to miss out on these free things to do in London.

Living in London – A Lot of Free Stuff Going On!

London 2016 is geared for fun! There is a massive mix of events lined up to keep Londoners of all ages amused and entertained – and many of these happenings are absolutely free. Here is our selection of five of the best free events of 2016.

The London Marathon

living in london marathon

What an atmosphere… it’s not every day that London roads are closed. The London Marathon is one of the most popular long distance running events in the world with spectators from across the globe cheering athletes on from the side-lines.
Tips: Since the roads are closed, use public transport. Wear comfy shoes and bring refreshments. Also bring something to make noise with and wave at the runners to encourage them. Watch from one of the iconic locations like Tower Bridge, The Mall or Greenwich.

The Head of the River Race

On 19 March you can enjoy the Head of the River Race, a time-honoured tradition that has been happening on the Thames since 1926. The 4 ½ mile race starts at Mortlake and ends at Putney and attracts racing crews from all over the world.
Tips: Pack a picnic and head to the banks of the river along the route for a perfectly ‘English’ day out, or go to one of the bridges. Barnes Bridge, Chiswick Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge all provide excellent vantage points.

Trooping the Colour

living in london pride parade

Another historic event; this day marks the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and dates back to the 17th century. More than 1,000 officers, 200 musicians and 200 horses strut their stuff in a glorious display of military grandiosity. This year the event promises to be extra special because it is due to take place on 11 June, when Her Majesty is celebrating her 90th birthday.
Tips: Celebrations start at 10am so get to St James’s Park nice and early to get a decent view.

Pride in London Parade

living in london pride parade

All the colours of the rainbow and more will meet you in this outrageously eclectic event. Everybody is welcome to watch the parade where over 250 performers and dancers will thrill you, and around 15,000 other spectators on lavishly decorated floats.
Tips: Wear comfy clothes, refreshments and be prepared for a very interesting day…

Ride London 2016

Beat the winter blues on the 30th of July this year by getting on your bike and enjoying the Central London roads traffic free, for a change.
Tips: See Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament from two wheels. If you don’t have a bike, no problem – simply rent one for the day.
These events are only a fraction of what’s in store for those living in London in 2016. There is so much to do and see – without breaking the bank.

Get ready for fun, fun, fun, my London Lovelies!

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