If you’ve ever visited, you know that it is a gargantuan metropolis—don’t let those cute little historical buildings deceive you.  Though it doesn’t stretch very far vertically, it expands laterally far and wide, so it can be overwhelming trying to see everything that you hope to.  As wonderful as the London public transportation system is (I mean it! I’m not being sarcastic! I will sooo miss this system when I return to the States), those less familiar with it can still get muddled.  And walking around London not only doesn’t cover much ground, it can be a frustrating experience interweaving through the masses (consult my previous “Sidewalk Situation” if you don’t understand what I’m talking about).

When you do move, you may care less about this, as you have a lot more time to work with to eventually get around to all you want to see.  Yet you’ll inevitably have family and/or friends coming to visit you (see my tips on how to play “Host With the Most“), and unless you’re able to lead them by the hand, they might be intimidated and hitting you up for insider knowledge on what all to do and when and how.  Among the many potential solutions to this predicament, a friend of mine just tipped me off on a service I hadn’t heard of called “smallcarBIGCITY.”  Evidently set to a retro ambiance with 60s attire and music, this touring company will scoot you and/or your guests all around in their sweet little Mini Coopers.  They offer a variety of tours, and weekday bookings are 25% off!  They even have a “Tale of Two Cities” tour that guides you through both London and Paris in the same day!!

We here at London Relocation Ltd. like that kind of same-day service—that’s why we find your flat in only one day, after all, and also drive you around in a nice car.  Granted, it’s not a Mini…we try to give you more room to sort your thoughts on where to live :).  In any case, my friend’s mother just took the smallcarBIGCITY tour last week and raved about it, so I’m excited to recommend it to my future guests as well. I must say, the concept cracks me up, especially that they actually have an “Italian Job” tour that involves blue boiler suits!

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