Author: Colleen

Hello, folks!  Have a happy holiday season?  I sure did, and am positively knackered as a result…but in the best of ways 🙂

While London Relocation Ltd.’s owner and relocation extraordinaire, Anthony Gallo, continued to diligently place clients in their new homes over the season, I myself snuck away to the States to spend Christmas with family in Los Angeles and Chicago.  Yep, that certainly covered the climate spectrum over the course of a week…from palm trees in the 70s (Fahrenheit) to snow-covered evergreens in the 20s, and let me tell you, this UK-adjusted lass was DRIED OUT.  I hadn’t realized how accustomed I’d become to England’s temperate climate, which maintains moisture in the air (without becoming humid in the summer).  The temperature here is also rather consistent (click here to track London weather forecasts), with highs not so far from the lows as opposed to the massive swings in degrees that typically knocked me out with severe sinusitis.  If you’re like me with a head like a barometer, you’ll get on easily here.

This is the second New Year’s since moving to London for which I actually made a side trip on my way back from the States.  Last year, my husband and I travelled via Dublin, Ireland, where we rented a car and spent our first days of the New Year driving across the country, hitting Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, and Limerick along the way.  This year, we kissed New Year’s tidings on the crowded (and quite merry) Las Ramblas of Barcelona.  We stayed at the brand new W Barcelona hotel, which cuts a dramatic silhouette against an otherwise vast sea-view and offers rooms with outstanding panoramics of sea, beach, and city.

Why do I bring this all up to you?  To rub it ruthlessly in your face if all you did for New Year’s this year was binge on leftover Christmas cookies and fall asleep before midnight in front of the TV?  Heck no!  It’s not that I’m really all that cool, it’s just that this is how EASY foreign travel is once your home base is here.  The flight back from Barcelona home was less than 2 hours, as are many flights within the Continent.  And if you’re flying from the States on return from your Christmas visit, it may actually be cheaper to fly into a non-London European city, plus the flight from there back to London–this was the case for Dublin last year, in any case, for which the Chicago-to-Dublin + Limerick-to-London flight cost was half what we would have paid for Chicago to London direct.  ‘Tis not always the case, but it just goes to show how much it pays to RESEARCH.  Try experimenting with dates and locations on discount airline sites like SkyScanner or Orbitz.

Of course, there’s always something to be said for nice, quiet evenings at home snuggling with your loved one on New Year’s, so if you move to the UK and don’t plan on anything extravagant outside of your flat to bring in 2011, London Relocation Ltd. will make sure that home is a nice one.

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