Author: Colleen

No one will dispute the facts that London is 1) huge, and 2) loaded with amazing and diverse experiences to be had.  While this can certainly be listed under the “Pro” (versus “Con”) category where living in or visiting this city is concerned, it can also prove overwhelming.  Whether you are open-minded to anything or very precise in your tastes, we are pleased to recommend to you the touring company, It’s Your London.

With them, your tour of the city  can be anything you want it to be–the itinerary is tailor-made to your interests and fancies.  They offer 3 levels of service to suit your level of maintenance–i.e., “Taken Care Of,” “Here to Help,” and “Independent Traveler”–so you can be as led by the hand or left to your own devices as you wish.

It seems there’s no limit to the way you can slice and dice your preferred itinerary–from palaces and museums to gardens and architecture to literary haunts and sports venues, it’s all about what makes you tick and you’d most like to see.  I must say I’m already plotting what tour I’d like to arrange for my family visiting in spring…hmm…my bookish self would love the authors or bookshops tours.

Once you move here, this would be an ideal, time-efficient way for you to become familiar with your new stomping grounds; it would also make for great entertainment for your out-of-town visitors if you don’t wish to do all the planning yourself or are unable to tour them around by day due to work.  Just like London Relocation Ltd. aims to take all the thought and stress out of your property searching with it’s all-inclusive service, It’s Your London will do so for your recreational touring.  It’s your home now, so make the most of it!

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