If you expect to be moving to London by January 2011 and already fancy UK television, might you be interested in attending the National Television Awards?  It’s like the Emmys for the UK TV community, and you can be there to see the celebrities live on 16 January 2011!

Why do I mention this now already?  If you’ve just made the London move or are already here and are/will become an O2 customer for your UK phone service, priority tickets are available to you through tomorrow, 6 August, or until tickets sell out.

Missing British TV from your previous travels abroad, or are you not yet familiar?  You can do your homework prior to your London relocation by subscribing to a UK TV-abroad service that is accessible online.  A simple Google search yields an array of options, among them:  The Telly, My Expat Network, and View TV Abroad.  You’ll have to shop around for pricing plans and quality of streaming.  I’m curious, have any of you tried a service like this?  Does anyone have a recommendation? I haven’t used one of these myself, so can’t personally vouch, but I already know I’ll be wanting to subscribe when that day comes to move back to the States from London.

You can also keep current through the stations’ own websites, like BBC, ITV, Living, and UKTV (which encompasses Blighty, Eden, Alibi, Dave, etc. channels).  And I *heart* Anglotopia‘s faithful following of British TV—“Doctor Who” even has its own section on the main page.

My top UK TV guilty pleasures?  Top Gear, Coach Trip, and Dragon’s Den.

So welcome to the land that brought us classic entertainment like “Benny Hill” and “Monty Python” and that inspired America’s own hits like “The Office,” “Dancing With the Stars” (called “Strictly Come Dancing” here),  “American Idol” (the “X Factor”), and countless other predominantly reality/game shows—on my recent visit home to the States, I saw that “Dating in the Dark” and “Four Weddings” are among the newer ones to move Stateside.  People tend to join one camp or another depending on whether they prefer the British originals to the U.S. copycats, but I personally embrace both and appreciate them for their differences (though I will not forgive “Shark Tank” for bastardizing one of my beloved Top 3.  Not sad to hear that one’s cancelled already).  If you’re on Team America in this debate, never fear—most U.S. shows air over here, too.  We might range from a couple weeks to an entire season behind, but we do get them.

Whatever you may watch, London Relocation Ltd. will find you the perfect living room to plug in your TV 🙂

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