“What did she just say?!”
“Did I read that right?”
“What is this smut?”
“What kind of blog is this??!!!”

What, like you don’t remember your special first time…enjoying a spa day? Driving round a racetrack? Hunting for ghosts? Or haven’t you done those things and need Virgin to take your virgin-ity. I’m talking about Virgin Experience Days. What did you think I was talking about?!!

As random as the experiences listed above are, there’s a long list of more available that shoot off in just about every direction. Virgin Experience Days are offered all throughout England in case you’re making a UK relocation but not necessarily a London one; or, maybe you’ll be willing to go whatever the distance for the unique opportunity it could be. The experiences range anywhere from under £25 to up to £1000, so it’s ideal to give as a gift to someone else or a full-on indulgence for yourself. You can choose from an array of categories such as hotels, pampering, theatre, afternoon tea, days out in London, Silverstone racing (as I’ve written about before), football (remember that would be soccer, you Yankees), adrenaline (like bungee-jumping and tank paintball), cooking, culture—you can even fly or learn how be a spy! One particular experience is something right out of Sex and the City and perhaps a little closer to what your mind-in-the-gutter was thinking earlier—when Samantha has her nude photos taken. Yep, you can do it, too, ladies, in tasteful black-and-white in an all-female studio.

I can’t say I’ve got the desire to immortalize my physique in such a way, but the ghost-hunting sure sounds fun! 9 hours of seances and reading EMF’s and all that stuff I like to dork out and watch on the telly; well something has to fill the void that Ghost Whisperer‘s cancellation is leaving behind! Even a relaxed day sipping tea at Kensington Palace‘s Orangery or Windsor Castle sounds delightful to me, not to say the shooting and axe-throwing of the Spy Games experience wouldn’t be enchanting as well ;).

So what will your experience be after London Relocation saves you all kinds of time and money finding your London apartment?

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