I’m finding myself at a loss for something to write today, simply because it was rather uneventful this past weekend, at least in my area.  The beautiful thing about national bank holidays is that everyone gets the days off, across the board.  Easter did not usually mean time off for me in the States, but here in the UK we all just reveled in the glory that is a 4-day weekend!

Very exciting indeed when you’re formulating travel plans as it seems most Brits did…as I wandered around the city, I heard more French spoken than English, leading me to deduce that England and France swapped populations for the weekend.  Many Brits do have vacation homes in France, and Spring regularly brings the French here en masse, especially student groups on field trips.  How amazing would that have been in grade school or high school…rather than hopping into an uncomfortable, plastic green seat on the yellow school bus to go to a planetarium the next town over, you’re crossing the Channel to see castles and palaces and museums that house the likes of the Rosetta Stone and the actual bunker in which Churchill’s administration strategized during World War II as the sirens blared.

So while my local neighborhood wasn’t exactly buzzing—it was a virtual ghost-town with every restaurant and store shut down (except for Starbucks!)…good thing I was stocked up in my rations at home…—London’s city centre was crawling with tourists.  If you’re moving here, the longer you live here, the less you will be inclined to submerge yourself in the thick of these crowds, but I did it for the love a nephew:  this Auntie had a mission to accomplish for my nephew’s school project.  So let’s just say that while my husband was among the many locals who fled England for other countries (he went on an awesome trip with his buddies, biking from Dijon to Lyon, France), “Flat Stanley” escorted me on a most lovely afternoon through Westminster and St. James’s Park.  Though a grey Easter day, the daffodils and tree blossoms were enough to illuminate the day and infuse new life into London…just in time for everyone to return last night and wake this city back up for some full-time livin’.

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